Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Silent Forest: The Horrifying Dangers of GMOs

By Heidi Stevenson

3 September 2010

"When we make a mistake medically, we recall the product. Can you recall this?" (Dr. Lorin Pang, Maui, Hawaii, District Health Officer)

A Silent Forest is a compelling video about the horrific dangers of genetically modified trees, in particular, and all genetically modified organisms. The entire chain of life is distorted. Beneficial insects are destroyed, along with those considered pests. Bt toxin, bred into trees and other plants, is now found contaminating water supplies. We are being subjected to a vast experiment without having any say in the matter.

Please, watch this film—and ask everyone you know who thinks that genetically engineering plants and animals is okay, or anyone who isn't sure, to see it. If this doesn't get across how dangerous genetically modified organisms are, then nothing can.

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