Sunday, August 8, 2010

Circumcision: The Facts

So I've come to realize not a lot of people know the Medical Information about circumcision, including the pros, cons, origins, religious and non-religious reasoning. It's become a trend that new parents simply proceed to do the operation on newborns without questioning why or doing further research on the subject just because it was the path our parents chose. Well it's a new time in history where we now have the information available to teach ourselves whether this choice is the right one for our children. I've compiled a list of very reliable articles and websites, all with credited resources, about this operation. If you are interested in making the best choice for your children, either by getting him circumcised or left intact, I strongly recommend learning everything there is to know. It's a big decision and we all need support to make it.


Other Resources

Peaceful Parenting Resource List

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